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  • Thick Film Heating Element
  • Thick Film Heating Element
  • Thick Film Heating Element
Thick Film Heating ElementThick Film Heating ElementThick Film Heating Element

Thick Film Heating Element

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Product Description:

Thick Film Heating Element Thick film heaters or calls Thick film heating elements are manufactured in a completely different way than ordinary heating elements. A thick film heating element consists of a stainless steel or ceramic substrate (plate), on which an insulation layer is printed, then a layer of resistive paste, followed by a contact and connective layer, and finally all these layers are covered with top enamel layer.
Maximum protection from dirt and dust is essential through the whole production process. Thick film heaters production runs in air-conditioned areas meeting the requirements for rooms with high air purity class.Thick Film Heating Element

Product description: Thick Film Heating Element
Stainless steel thick film heating technology originated from Europe and the United States, it uses screen printing technology to print layers on base material, these layers are insulation medium, resistance, conductor, protective glaze etc., high temperature sintering is employed to form a dense layer of microcrystalline glass film, not easy to fall off, not easily scratched.

The stainless steel thick film heating pipes produced by Ts heater are widely acclaimed for its high thermal efficiency, stable performance and safety and durability.
In the customer whole machine application, the thick film heating pipes have the advantages of large heating area, high heat conduction efficiency (≥98%), fast thermal response (80 ℃~150℃/S), long working life (≥10000 Hour) and other significant advantages.

As first domestic professional manufacturer of stainless steel thick-film heating pipe , TS heater mainly are stainless steel thick-film heating pipe(SUS430 series EN 1.4301), covering thick-film plate. Currently stainless steel thick-film heating pipe diameter distribution Φ18-50mm, length 110-150mm, the single pipe maximum power 6KW, the dimension power of standing standard products are comparatively complete. Special power, voltage, requirements can be customized design. Thick-film heating tube has four invention patents, dozens of utility model patents, we are also the first domestic company who produces stainless steel thick film products with CQC certification, wading health approval documents, ROHS certification.

Main advantages: Thick Film Heating Element

Vibration and shock resistant
Flexibility in size and shape
Faster response and ramp-up times
Thin, flexible construction
Superior heat transfer
Ideal for high volumes or specialized applications
Multi-zoned wattage or voltage combination can be custom designed
Uniform heat distribution
Unlimited heater configurations.and connections
surface to meet the specific needs of the application
Better use of limited space due to higher watt densities and low profiles

Typical applications: Thick Film Heating Element
Video Camera Lens Defoggers
Clear LCD Heaters
Food Service Equipment
Mirror Heater/Defoggers
Blanket heaters for Battery Back-Up
Outdoor Enclosure Warmers
Fluorescent Bulb Starters
Packaging/Sealing Bar Element
Medical Equipment.





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